Everything that you had planned for your future with your family in mind gets significantly altered when a divorce is on the cards. Yes, the emotional trauma is overwhelming. However, you still have to be smart enough because your kids and your financial future are at risk. A single wrong move and you could lose everything in the blink of an eye. 

You might not be in a condition to think about finances yet, but a focused attorney always is. Hence, no matter your spouse already has an attorney and yours is the case of a mutual divorce, you still need a lawyer of your own. 

Your lawyer will go through the mutual agreement that’s made, analyze if the division of assets is fair, and will keep your priority (your kids) in mind. If there’s anything unfair to you, your lawyer will renegotiate the terms and will try that the case doesn’t hit the courtroom. 

Every reputable and experienced attorney knows that if a divorce case reaches the court, it can take a year and even more for the final agreement. However, it doesn’t mean that a skilled lawyer will agree to any unfair demand. They have your best interest in mind and complete trust in their abilities. If needed, they will drag the other party to court so that justice is served. 

Most couples want a hassle-free divorce. But, conflicts related to children and asset division sometimes require the intervention of a judge. 

If your divorce is one such case that reaches the court, here’s everything you should know beforehand. 

Factors Considered for Alimony 

The culture of alimony (spousal support) isn’t common anymore. When both spouses are working and they earn good money, the court might irradiate the need for spousal support in such cases. 

The scenarios where spousal support is considered are as follows. 

  1. If the wife quit her job to take care of the household and now it’s been years that she hasn’t worked. She’s entitled to alimony. 
  2. If one spouse earns significantly less than the other, it might be a ground for spousal support. 
  3. If one spouse is physically/mentally challenged, spousal support is a must. 

Factors Considered for Child Custody and Child Support 

If your spouse is aggressive, short-tempered, and has a history of violence, you will get custody of your child. Another scenario that you will definitely get custody of your child is that your spouse has a history of drug abuse. 

Other than these scenarios, the court considers many factors to decide which parent should get custody. The type of custody matters too: shared custody, residential custody, legal custody, and much more. 

Needless to point out, if you don’t have an experienced Toledo divorce attorney to fight for your rights, the chances that you’ll lose what you love are maximum. So, be very careful when it comes to the choice of a divorce attorney in Toledo.