When teens are shopping for a vehicle they often look at the aesthetics of the vehicle rather than the bigger picture. It’s important to research all options and make sure your vehicle fits your family’s needs. Before leaving for the dealership, make sure to take some time to research all the specifics.

Firstly, make sure to determine a budget for purchasing a vehicle. This includes factoring in other costs as well such as insurance, maintenance, and gas expenses. Once your budget is set, start by brainstorming how often they will drive the car and what is the most important characteristics of a vehicle. For example, some people may value a car with high MPG and others may look at the safety ratings.

Once you decide on the car, make sure you remind the teen of the responsibilities of being on the road. Make sure your teen keeps up with regular maintenance. It is also important to highlight the dangers of aggressive driving and speeding can be. It may also be a great idea to create short and long-term driving goals. Also, remember to focus on teaching the core values when driving: safety, responsibility, and respect for his others on the road. By committing to these core values, you can ensure that buying a car is a worthwhile investment. Make sure to check out the resource below for more tips on purchasing a used vehicle for your teen.

Infographic created by Capital Auto Auction, a vehicle auction company