Rat poison and traps are the viable methods that are used to handle rats as this mammal can cause severe mutilation to the property. Even though these methods are useful, but to some extent, commercial properties are looking into other options to eradicate the problem by using rat blocker. It is one of the best alternatives to handle rodents, which will block the rodents, and the functionality of the device will remain the same in the case of industrial machines.

Features Of Rat Blockers:

·        Easy Installation

It can be installed anywhere in the machine because of its compact size, and it will not disturb the normal flow of the device and no damage to the property. These rat blockers do not contain the poison or trap or cause physical pain to the rats. Rat blocker for drains is suitable for all types of material, including plastic, clay, or concrete pipes. The installation process is easy, with handles available, either for domestic or commercial use.

·        Compact Design

The design of these rat blockers is reversible means it can be used for inlet or outfall. Rat blocker is mandatory to avoid health risk, including a fire because of open electrical cables chewed by rats. The design of the rat blockers also ensures that it does not lose in the drain area and available in different sizes to handle customized requirements.

·        Cost-Effective Device

Rat blocker is a method to stop the rats effectively, and drains can be taken care of without using toxic solutions. All the upstream and downstream are protected by installing the rat blockers and zero damage to property.

·        Inspection Service

For maintenance activities, it can be removed easily and can be re-fitted without many efforts. Rat blocker needs to be inspected after every three to four months. A service agreement with the supplier can help to save the cost and ensures the long life of the device.

Rat Blockers Applications:

Rat blocker is made up of steel and provides tight friction fit to ensure security from rats and also available at a low-cost. The service provider can complete the entire process of installation, and testing is also done for rat blockers to check the sustainability of the product. Many popular places such as hotels, restaurants, canteens, or cafes are closed because of goodwill or money loss, and the reason is rat issues. It can be easily resolved with an inexpensive and environmentally friendly solution that is a rat blocker that can avoid contagious diseases. Most of the poisons are failed on rats because they are now resistant to them.