If you are looking for a nice escapade away from the maddening rush of the big cities of Quebec, Bromont can be a good choice. Located right at the base of Mount Brome, Bromont is known for its resort – Ski Bromont, but there is much more to explore on a visite familiale. In this post, we are sharing some of the best places that are worth exploring in this amazing city.

Parc des Sommets

Visitors coming to Bromont should know about Parc des Sommets, which is basically a list of trails named together. There are more than 140 kilometers of trails to be explored. Take your kids to the top of Mount Bernard, and we promise that the views are worth your time. Note that nonresidents are required to get a pass for the visit, which can be purchased online.

Balnea Spa

Located very close to Lake Gale¸ Balnea Spa is an incredible experience and a reason good enough to pack your bags to Bromont. You can take a nature bath here in a hot tub, and we can assure you that the price is worth paying. In the pandemic times, special packages are available, and you can refer to their website to know more.

Coffee at the Backbone 

If you want to grab some amazing café, head to the Backbone, which is a family-owned business that started two years back and is a little away from the main city center. There is also the choice to take climbing lessons, and if you don’t want to do anything else, an espresso is worth having on their stunning terrace that offers panoramic views.

The Johanne And Vincent Orchard

This is not an orchard, so don’t let that name confuse you! If you are in love with food in Quebec, this is a good place to try pies and pâtés. They have a nice terrace, and you can also try some of their authentic sandwiches. Note that The Johanne And Vincent Orchard is only open for lunch, so if you are heading out, plan your day accordingly.

For those who don’t mind paying a tad more for enjoying luxury, they can head to the Beatnik lifestyle hotel, which is also famed for weddings. Note that most hotels in Bromont are often booked even on weekdays, and therefore, it is always best to book your stay in advance. Come here with your family for at least a couple of days.