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Do you know that most burglars are those familiar with your neighborhood? They will come to your community and study your backyard and garage to identify the loopholes. These criminals will master your routine to use it for their advantage.

Securing your home is the first step to protecting your loved ones. Theft is not spontaneous.

A thief will have to plan before acting. Keep yourself and your family in the home safe by following these simple guidelines.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

We all love flaunting our stuff, but this is not good at all for our home safety. Leaving electronics and money in the living room will invite thieves to your home.

Those kids that your son asks over for a movie can be potential happenstance bandits.

Always ensure all valuables are hidden from view, whether there are strangers around or not.

Put your money safe in a bank and train yourself to use a credit card to bar thieves from stealing your hard-earned money.

Security System Installation

You do not have to feel insecure for you to take the proactive measure of installing a security system in your home.

Have you ever thought of installing CCTV cameras at secret places in your backyard, garage, or front door?

This will help you monitor activities that take place in high-risk areas around your home. Security alarms will remotely alert you of suspicious activities even when you are away.

Fix them in your doors and windows or any other place you think a thief would use as a point of entry into your home.

The best gift that you will ever give your family is to make them feel secure with a professional security setup. A professional company will offer you alarm security installation services at affordable rates because they care about keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Keep Your Home Neat

Criminals love to steal where there are potential hiding places. Get the shrubs and bushes around your home trimmed to inconvenience thieves and burglars.

Criminals are unlikely to take chances to steal in homes where they know they have fewer chances of escaping unnoticed.

Do you know that unattended lawns communicate absence? Thieves are smart and will detect when homeowners are away.

To be one step ahead of them, outsource lawn mowing or landscaping services to garden your property whenever you go for a vacation.

Maintain a Low Profile on Social Media

Do you know your social media audience? Security specialist advice against revealing too much about your personal life on your Facebook, Instagram, or other online social platforms.

Those pictures that you post online with away-from-home hashtags have the potential to turn your peaceful home into a crime scene.

Thieves will detect your moves and break into your home with surety you are not anywhere around.

If your fiancé buys you an expensive engagement ring, do not be tempted to show it off to your social media friends to avoid becoming a target. Remember, the black market is active 24/7.

Never Leave Doors and Windows Unlocked

Most people whose homes have been broken into will confess that the thief went in either through the door or the window, which they forgot to lock.

Whenever you are leaving your home, always double-check that doors and windows are locked.

Mortise locks have been rated as the safest to guarantee your home security since it slides the bolt into the doorjamb, making it difficult for thieves to gain access.

Know Your Neighbors

Has your neighbor ever called you to alert you that a stranger was stalking your backyard?

If this has ever happened, then it means you have established a good relationship between you and your neighbors, which is good for your home safety.

Be kind to the neighbors, and they will surely let you know whenever they suspect some suspicious activities in your home. You might be surprised at how a simple gesture can save your home from burglary.

Master the Patterns

Different dangers become more potent in different seasons. Thieves are not your only enemy to home safety.

Fires are common during winter because this is a time that most people spend at home. This means increased activities in the kitchen to keep the house warm and food preparation.

Have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms put in place to keep your home safe from any Inferno. Get a fire prevention and management manual to educate your family about fires.

Keep Hazardous Items Safe

That bottle of aspirin that you leave lying by your bedside could be life-threatening for the kids in the home.

Always ensure any dangerous item is out of reach to ensure the safety of the young ones.

Keep away sharp tools, detergents, and medicine by locking them in childproof safes or drawers.