So, you are heading off to your first baby shower, and you have no idea what to bring as a gift. Baby showers usually happen a few weeks before the mum-to-be delivers the baby, and it is an excellent way for her to prepare for motherhood.

Friends and family provide helpful tips and advice and bring gifts that will help her when the baby comes. If you are struggling to know what to bring as a gift, this list of practical gift ideas for a baby shower may help you pick a thoughtful and functional gift.

Baby capsule

Every mother is going to need a baby capsule. This is a great practical baby shower gift. Baby capsules make it safe and convenient to take babies in and out of the car, especially when they are peacefully sleeping.

Not sure if you want to buy something the baby is going to grow out of eventually? Why not consider hiring a baby capsule for the mother-to-be instead? When you hire from a reputable brand, you are giving a gift that they can upgrade when bub is ready!

Any mother-to-be will be happy to receive this as a gift because she knows just how much she will be using this once the baby arrives. It is just one of those must-have things that are going to be used every day.


A crib makes a great gift as it is a nursery essential. Safety and a comfortable base are the two most important factors to consider while buying a crib. You will want it to be sturdy and secure enough so that no accidents happen.

Try to find out what kind of crib the parents wish to so that you can make sure your gift is actually used. If they already have a crib, you can get them mattress covers or fitted bottom sheets instead.

A Deep Clean for the Home

It’s a novel idea, but incredibly helpful to anyone planning a new family. A simple offer to purchase a deep clean by Houseproud Cleaning can free up time and give a mum-to-be a great opportunity for rest.

It’s one of those simple gits that really delivers a practical and useful blessing. Couple it with a morning out, a foot massage or some other relaxing and enjoyable event while you bring in the experts to help get the house thoroughly cleaned before the big day.

Gift basket

A great baby shower gift idea is a gift basket that is filled with all kinds of small gifts and goodies. For instance, you can include nappies, baby oil, rash creams, soft toys, booties and socks, baby hairbrush, cotton swabs, etc.

It is a lovely gesture to include some little pampering items for mum too. Chocolates, bath melts, hand cream to name a few.

Memory book

A memory book for the baby, where the parents can fill in essential milestones in the first few years of the baby’s life is a great gift.

It is even better if you can get it customised. The personal touch will make it that much more valuable and thoughtful.

Image Pixabay License CCO