Just like the human body, your car requires constant checking and servicing to ensure that it serves you when you need it to. The best way to do this is to ensure that this happens is by servicing the vehicle frequently. Some parts are more important since they are technically lifesaving. So, for those asking, just how frequently do you need to service your brakes?

Why it is important to service your brakes?

Bad brakes are not just unsafe they are a life threat to anyone using the vehicle. Constant use of a car can give your brake pads good wear, especially if you live in areas where lubrication can be washed out frequently, servicing can help you maintain the safety of your car. Servicing of the pads is usually a result of too much moisture or by too much heat.

After you hear some funny sounds

One of the first indications you need to check out or listen out for is the sound. If you leave your brakes unserviced, there are some squeaky or abnormal sounds coming from the brake section, it means that they are calling from attention. If you step on the brake pad and it feels a little reluctant to work, then you know that a trip to the mechanic is overdue. It is also alright if you have the knowledge to do it by yourself. If you are a do it yourself kind of person, always use a non flammable brake cleaner to ensure safety.

Do you live in salt prone areas?

Some areas of residence happen to have more salt than others, which calls for faster and more frequent than others. Road salt has an effect on brake pads as it accelerates corrosion in brake parts. This also applies to seasons like winter, when a lot of salt is used to accelerate the melting of snow.

How often do you take your car for servicing?

If you happen to have a regular service and stay around, you can notice that when the mechanic changes the wheels, they inspect the brake pads for servicing. You can note if they use the non flammable brake cleaner of your choice. If you do not have a regular schedule, you can talk to your mechanic and have them call you up once a month for a check-in.

If you have just bought a second-hand car

Buying a second-hand car is another point when you should consider having your brakes serviced. Replacing brake discs is recommended if the car has some 50,000 miles in it. You may not have an idea of how the previous owner handled the car, so you may want an overhaul of all the important parts. It is one step into safety assurance for you.

Should you service or replace the brakes entirely?

It firstly depends on the cost, i.e. if you are working around a budget. Service alone for each axle without any replacement will cost you anything from 80 to 130 bucks. The service is always done for both the axle and the brakes. Replacement should only be done when one if the discs or the drums are very worn out, worn out on one part, too rusted or warped. If the brake pads are worn out unevenly, it means that they will cause a vibration that will felt when driving, and if you brake, you will feel a braking sensation, like in a blender. These two signs are indications that you might need an overhaul in your brake pads.

Car maintenance in general is important because it does not just save your life it also saves you a lot of money in the long run. Servicing is way cheaper than replacing the system, so ensure that you come up with a schedule that could be based on time or mileage. Choose a method that works for you provided you stick to it.