Serving less privileged people is a benevolent act that every human should engage in. Feeding poor and needy people is one of the best noble services. Just a little intention is sufficient to bring a positive change in the society. Not many people know that there are simple ways by which families can assist in feeding hungry children.

Start a local food shelf

There are several opportunities for volunteering to serve hungry children. Both adults and children can indulge in this valuable service. You can choose to make or distribute a free meal to people. You can even get associated with a food shelf and help them during the demanding holiday season.

No Kids Hungry is an organization developed to serve a noble cause of feeding hungry children in school. They organize several programs to help kids who are deprived of healthy and balanced food.

Make a weekly contribution

Another simple thing that each member in your family can do is to make contributions on a weekly basis. Different members of the family can donate based on their donation ability.  You can collect the donation amount and provide to a not for profit organization to offer free groceries or meals to hungry people in need.

What you need to do is to locate food banks near your locality and figure out how much amount you can donate them. Some organizations even accept donations in the form of food along with money. This is your call how you need to make the contribution.

Begin a donation jar

Another beneficial way by which you can serve needy is by starting a donation jar at home. All members of your family can donate money in the jar.

Kids can make their contribution from the offerings they get on their birthdays or in the form of monthly pocket money. The amount that you donate can be donated to hunger-fighting programs such as Feeding America.

Reduce food waste

Besides making financial or food-based contributions, you can even vow to prevent food wastage in your home. There are several food-rescue firms that come to collect the excess of food from houses or places of event to distribute to the needy. These firms volunteer to pick and distribute collected produce to schools, childcare centers and food banks.


These are some of the small yet effective ways by which you can contribute to assist hungry children.